Tight muscles? Chronic body pain? Restricted movement? Long term injury that never healed?

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The Goltech® method uses rapid release techniques to significantly relieve complex, unresolved pain where other methods may not, for greater mobility, enhanced vitality and more freedom at all levels. See client testimonies.

The creator of Goltech therapy, Paul Davies has now retired. But click here to find your nearest Goltech® Therapist.

Patient Don McKenzie explains how four SERIOUS problems were relieved with only ONE Goltech Therapy session.  One problem had been an issue for 7 years, and another for CLOSE TO 30 YEARS!

What Goltech® Creator, Paul Davies, loves about Goltech Therapy!

What is Goltech® Therapy?

revolutionary approach to treating muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve entrapment problems. It corrects myofascial dysfunction.

What results does it get?

It relieves significant pain, quickly and effectively, often when other therapies have failed. See the Client Testimonies (click here)

I’m interested: how does it work?

Goltech® therapy restores elasticity to muscles and myofascia, effectively and efficiently.

In my opinion, all muscle problems result from loss of elastic resilience in the myofascia, and muscle imbalance, where some muscles are weak and some strong

What is Myofascia?

Myofascia is like a mesh or net that is woven around, in between and through every muscle in your body, like a string bag holding a couple of melons, where the string bag also goes between and through the middle of each melon.

Myofascia is made of the same stuff as bone, except is doesn’t have the cement-like stuff that makes it hard, so it is flexible or elastic. That is, your muscles, tendons and myofascia are like springs, and have the ability to stretch and rebound without damage. I call this “elastic resilience”. A loss of elastic resilience causes muscle and tendon injuries.  See the illustration below.

Illustraion of the myofascia

Why do my muscles lose their elasticity?

Muscles tighten for various reasons, such as overuse or as a result of injury. Where the overuse continues, or the injury never heals, the myofascia hardens, “setting” the muscle in place, so it loses its elasticity or “elastic resilience”.

A loss of elastic resilience in your muscles and myofascia:

  • Restricts your movement,
  • Increases the likelihood that you will suffer further injury
  • Prevent your long standing muscle or tendon issues from resolving.

For example, a tight shoulder from a rotator cuff injury often prevents a person lifting their arm above shoulder height. A person with a permanently tight calf muscle has lost their ability to asborb the shock of walking and running through their calf muscle, leaving the Achilles tendon – which is not designed for this task – to absorb all of the shock. This often results in tears or strains in the Achilles tendon.

Goltech® can restore the elastic resilience of the myofascial network surrounding your muscles, which allows your muscles and tendons to function normally, with normal range of motion, significantly reducing chronic pain arising from muscle tension.

See Client Testimonies which indicate just how effective Goltech therapy is in significantly relieving complex & unresolved pain, where other therapies have failed.