Goltech Training

Goltech Training 2016: Exciting news!  Goltech Training is avaialable at three venues in 2016!!! Brisbane: Thursday April 14th to Tuesday April 19th 2016. COMPLETED!  And it was great! Melbourne: Thursday July 14th to Tuesday July 19th 2016. Adelaide: Thursday November 3rd to Tuesday November 8th 2016.   Details: Call 07 3886 5321 or email here […]

I Charge $300 PLUS for a Consultation

I didn’t always charge that.  In fact for many appointments I still don’t.  But there ARE circumstances where I DO!  I charge $300 PLUS for a consultation.  Why?  And why will people pay? Well, actually there’s a story to it. A while ago I had a client who had heard about me, and was bringing […]