I Charge $300 PLUS for a Consultation

I didn’t always charge that.  In fact for many appointments I still don’t.  But there ARE circumstances where I DO!  I charge $300 PLUS for a consultation.  Why?  And why will people pay?

Well, actually there’s a story to it.

A while ago I had a client who had heard about me, and was bringing new problems to me week by week.  And week by week I was achieving results no other practitioner had achieved.

On one visit, they said, “I know you can’t help with this, but I have TMJ syndrome.”

That’s temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction.  The focus of the problem is where the jaw bone meets the skull.  No time to go into it now but it’s actually not the real cause of the problem.  Chronic headaches, neck pain, jaw problems, difficulty opening and closing the jaw.  It’s a pain: literally: a chronic and often severe pain.

So question: “How long have you put up with it?”

Answer: “15 years.”

Question: “How much money have you spent?”

Answer: “$35,000”.

Answer: “Well, I can probably sort that out.”

So I did.  It took 3 seconds.  Usually it takes about 15 minutes because there is preliminary work required before you actually work on the joint that is the focus of the problem.  But that had all been done in previous visits.

The look on the client’s face was one of astonishment. So I collected my usual fee, which was quite low at the time.


But after the client left, I found myself becoming VERY angry: not with the client: with myself.

Practitioners who got no-where cashed in: to the tune of $35000 over 15 years.  On the other hand, at the time I was struggling financially.

So, in Aussie lingo, I spat the dummy, “lost it” – and something inside me finally snapped. And I NEVER charged a low fee again.

Immediately I increased my normal fees to what I was worth.  And my client numbers increased, not decreased.

I also adopted the view that I would give a quote to anyone who presents with a chronic problem which no other practitioner has been able to help.  I should be rewarded for that.  The quote is generally between $200 and $500.  That’s quite a lot.  But I give a guarantee.

If the improvement is far greater than anyone else has achieved, I charge the quoted fee.  If not, the fee reverts to my normal consultation fee.

And people pay: for the result, for my expertise, NOT for my time.

So what’s TMJ syndrome worth? $500. NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER!

And guess what else? Clients pay WITHOUT argument, and they RESPECT me more!

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