Goltech Training

Goltech will help you release complex unresolved pain other therapies can’t!

To communicate with founder and developer Paul Davies:


Training Dates and Venues:

Training is by arrangement.

If you are interested in training please contact Paul on (07) 3886 5321.



There is the opportunity to train in Brisbane before 30/06/17 – in a very personalised environment.

Only two people will be accepted.

If you are interested, please contact Paul on (07) 3886 5321.


Why train in Goltech?

  • Release complex unresolved pain other therapies can’t…see the Course Outline
  • Become a soft-tissue specialist
  • Charge higher fees
  • See more clients in less time
  • Align the spine without manipulation?  Paul speaks about this Click Here.


What Does Goltech Training Involve?

Training is currently provided intensively over 6 consecutive days, including a weekend.

Course Outline.   Brochure.   Registration Form.   Terms & Conditions.


What is Provided?

  • Train with one of Australia’s leading soft-tissue therapists
  • Learn to treat just about any musculoskeletal condition effectively
  • Practical Focus
  • Materials included:
    • Full colour 516 page textbook on theory, treatment protocols and aids to assessment
    • DVDs (set of 6)
    • Workbook
  • Certificate of completion to participants achieving a satisfactory standard of practice. Download a sample of the certificate.
  • Licence to call yourself a Goltech therapist
  • Free listing on the Goltech website as a Goltech therapist until 30 June next year.
  • Access to 160+ client handouts covering most presentig problems.


Full Details of Materials

(i) Comprehensive Textbook:

This book is written with the hands-on practitioner in mind.  It is designed to be a practical in-clinic manual.  You will struggle to find another practitioner manual as comprehensive or well-wrtten for in-clinic use.

  1. 516 pages long, with clear & detailed explanations on both background theory and the problems & pathologies you are likely to see, and how to treat them.
  2. Three Tables of Contents.  To download all 3 Tables of Contents: Click Here.
    1. Contents Overview.
      • This provides a snapshot of the book as a whole.
    2. Contents: Outline.
      • This provides an overview of the contents of the teaching sections of the book.
    3. Contents: Detail.
      • This provides an extremely detailed list of the contents of the teaching sections of the book.
      • You can find anything you need to revue quickly and easily.
  3. 337 beautiful and carefully labelled full-colour anatomical illustrations and schematics.
  4. Aids to help you make accurate assessments of your patients’ problems.  Make accurate assessment a hallmark of your practice/clinic!
    • 55 differential Diagnostic Aid tables.
    • 8 Range of Motion (ROM) tables.

(ii) Set of 6 DVDs:

  1. Titles:

    1. Goltech® Basic: from Head to Toe.
    2. Goltech® Advanced 1: Real Problems in the Real Clinic: Balance, Posture, & Spinal Alignment.
    3. Goltech® Advanced 2: Real Problems in the Real Clinic: Face, Neck, Back & Chest.
    4. Goltech® Advanced 3: Real Problems in the Real Clinic: Shoulder, Arm, Elbow, Forearm, Wrist & Hand.
    5. Goltech® Advanced 4: Real Problems in the Real Clinic: Hip, Upper Leg, Knee, Lower Leg, Ankle & Foot.
    6. Goltech® Advanced: Strengthen & Stretch
  2. Over 10 hours of teaching covering EVERY part of the body.
  3. The DVDs meticulously follow the textbook
  4. DVDs have “Play All” capacity AND detailed menus.
    • Choose to watch only what you want to revue!

(iii) Client Handout Files:

Access to 160+ client-handouts in PDF format via the website.  See two examples to the right: 1. Whiplash, & 2. Meniscal Tears of the Knee.

  1. Beautifully illustrated, these files clearly explain in layman’s terms the client’s problem and how it will be treated.
    • Clients love them!
  2. Cover most presenting pathologies.
  3. Print them for your clients on an as-needed basis!

Client Advertising Brochure(iv) DL Brochure PDF

A carefully prepared and well designed advertising brochure.

  •       Explains the basis of this new technique to potential clients.
  •       Explains what Goltech® will do for them.
  •       Can be customised with your own clinic details.
  •       Print it on a double-sided colour printer, and hand one to clients when you ask them to refer friends OR
  •       Take it to a commercial printer for mass production suitable for mass distribution.